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From Malibu to Manly

Hello Beautiful Wildflowers!

Welcome to our little shop. We hope you find a home for your bohemian spirit with us and enjoy the journey we are on.

I'm Deven - owner of Wildflowers Manly. I moved to Manly with my family from Malibu, California.  With it's similar beach town vibe Manly has been an easy transition. I say it's like Malibu with sidewalks and better coffee! :) Being an avid shopper - much to my husband's chagrin! - the only thing I found missing from my new community was a shop that spoke to me...that offered labels that reflected my personal comfortable, casual boho style. And that also gave me all the shopping feels when I walked through the door.

At the beginning of the year with the support and guidance of my family, and my nearest and dearest from Malibu, I opened Wildflowers Manly. My goal was to create a destination that was more than just about the clothes hanging on the racks. I wanted an environment that made our guests feel welcomed and happy. I wanted our shop to be equally a cool hang as it was a place to buy a dress. And man has it ever become that! With my stellar team of Wildflowers - Jess, Gabi, Zoe, Lily & Beth - our days are full of women and men coming in to shoot the breeze, play dress ups, plan future adventures, sing and dance along to our classic playlist. We definitely have way too much fun while we're supposedly working!!

A little back most treasured and most important job is by far and away being mommy to my three amazing kids. The name Wildflowers came to me when I looked at my little people and thought how similar they were to the strong and resilient flower: they have literally been blown around the world, had to replant their lives, make new friends, acclimate to a new environment and new culture, and they've done so with absolute strength and beauty. Just like a wildflower. Their young lives have been full of much travel and adventure and I hope their wanderlust continues forever.

Little did I know that our shop would become a home for similar souls. We've met friends from around the world - some wandering and some starting over. Each on their own adventure and we are so grateful that we can be a small part of it.

Watch this space to keep up with our adventures, travels, antics and of course style. :)

Welcome to Wildflowers Manly!


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