Wildflower Travels: Lily's European Holiday

My name is Lily and I am one of the Wildflowers! Over July, I was lucky enough to travel to sunny Europe and although I missed my Wildflowers family greatly, it was truly the adventure of a lifetime - so I thought I would share my experiences with you!

Although I have previously explored countries in Europe, I'd never visited anywhere quite like the Croatian and Greek islands, and boy, was it memorable. Starting in Croatia, my best girlfriend and I hopped aboard a large sail boat with 24 other keen travelers and headed North to explore the Croatian Islands. Each island was incredibly beautiful in their own unique way, but my favourite would had to have been Hvaar - a small bay town, where 13th century stone walls surround stunning, old palaces and marble streets. The port where we docked was lined with huge, lavish yatchs and cruisers - it's safe to say we felt quite luxurious there.

One of the highlights during my time on this island was visiting a museum of lace and learning about the Hvar "agave" lace. This lace is unique to Hvar in that the thread is collected from the aloe leaves of agave plants that grow on the island, and the Benedictine nuns in the town are the only ones who make Hvar lace. The intricate patterns are mesmerizing and reminded me of some of the lace pieces we have in at Wildflowers! 

Our next stop after sailing the Adriatic Sea, was Greece! It's funny - the only crystal clear, aqua blue water I'd ever seen before was on postcards and google images, so being able to see it with my own eyes in the Greek Islands was truly breathtaking. My friend and I spent hours on end floating in the waters, cocktail in hand of course! Every stop we made in Greece was so enjoyable, but if I had to choose my favourite it would be Santorini - I fell in love with this magical place. On my 24th birthday, my friend and I biked to Akrotiri and enjoyed an authentic seafood feast at a family-run restaurant called The Dolphins. We sat right at the waters edge and soaked in all the beauty Akrotiri has to offer - what a great recommendation from Deven & Kevin (worlds best bosses).

Of course I had to take a little piece of Wildflowers away with me - so I packed our well-loved Arnhem Kauai print mini dress, (and wore it to death I might add). This pink number fit right in with the Santorini scenery and laid-back vibes, and I paired it with some cute lace-up sandals! What a fun, colourful and free adventure it was! 

With love, Lily x  

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