Wildflowers Travels: Exmouth, Western Australia
| Exmouth, Western Australia |
Recently my family and I trekked West in search of turquoise water, white sand, and whale sharks. Taking a little "bonus holiday" we pulled our gypsy kids from school and set off exploring the west coast of Australia. 
Our adventure began on board with Ningaloo Reef Dive & Snorkel in search of the big blue ocean’s gentle giant - the Whale Shark. The “girly shirley” contingent (my daughters and me) stuck with some low stress snorkeling over the stunning reef, while my more adventurous ocean swimming hubby and son braved the surf to get up close and personal with the whale sharks. It was a long day - and a bumpy ride - but a truly beautiful experience exploring the coastline.
The rest of our week was spent wandering through Cape Range National Park. Turquoise Bay - appropriately named because of it’s stunningly perfect turquoise water - was heaven on earth!  And the park was absolutely full of quiet,  practically empty, white sandy beaches that were a dreamland for our kids to explore. The red Australian desert between hidden beaches was equally as enjoyable to take in. Still being fairly new to the country, the whole family got ridiculously excited each time we spotted a kangaroo, emu or dingo!! 
I find something quite magical in two distinct landscapes meeting - like mountains and oceans, or in this case the desert and ocean. The soft colors, the wild was a  wonderful way to connect to our new home, Australia, and a completely relaxing family holiday.
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