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SOZEN Bamboo Crystal Infused Water Bottle


Energetically charge your water with our unique and stylish Bamboo Crystal Infused Water bottles.  We love our bamboo collection as the natural material of the bamboo pairs softly with all the different crystal colours.  that's So very Zen! 

Crystals are a creation of mother earth herself so all are unique and beautiful in their own way. They will vary in shape, colour, size and inclusions, they are perfectly imperfect.

Materials: Bamboo lid and base, hand-blown borosilicate glass bottle, crystal is held in place with stainless steel, food-grade silicon seal

 Comes with protective sleeve.



Rose Quartz : The love stone for all matters of the heart. Unconditional love, self love, confidence, friendships, family, relationships. May help lower stress, clear anger and jelousy. 

Clear Quartz : The most popular and versatile stone of all the crystals. Powerful healer and amplifier, great for clarity and focus and manifestation, great for your goals and dreams. Place this stone near others to amplify their energy.

Smokey Quartz : This mystic stone is utilised for relaxation and reconnection. Grounding and stability. May assist in clearing negative energy 

Citrine : The birth stone for November, lucky you Scorpio! Reflecting the colour of the sun, this stone is believed to be the stone of abundance and success.  A spritual cleanser, restoring balance and increasing energy. Place this stone in your business space, office, with your money or where ever your wish to manifest abundance.

Amethyst : One of the most popular stones for its natural mystic purple hues, believed to assist with addictions, insomnia, de-stressing, meditation and memory.  This baby is best placed by your bed.

Black Obsidian : This dark horse and powerful talisman is actually quite neutralising despite its deepest black colour.  Perfect for protection, growth, self reflection on luck. People use this stone to neautralise negative office energy from technology.  

Aventurine: The lucky stone often placed with money, calming, soothing, balances the emotions.