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VURTH Copper Water Bottle 950 ml

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This eye-catching certified 99.7% pure copper bottle shines bright like a diamond and is known to ionize and alkalize water naturally; offering health benefits such as regulating the thyroid gland, improving immunity, acting as anti-carcinogenic, and many more. 

  • Height - 27 cms, Diameter -7.5 cms
  • Capacity- 950 ml
  • Sustainable, Copper is the only metal that can be recycled endless times. 
  • It is recommended to drink the water at room temperature.
  • Copper products should not be stored in the freezer as they can explode.
  1. Copper Water Bottles
  • Always clean your copperware by hand and avoid dishwasher as the detergent can cause oxidation leading to permanent damage.
  • A simple, soft wash cloth is best to wipe clean the bottle.
  • Dry the bottle immediately with a separate soft cloth or towel
  • Oxidation is a natural process of copper; this is not a fault. It only shows that your bottle is pure and its working towards providing you clean and safe water.
  • Should any tarnish occur, pour 1 Tsp of salt in a shallow bowl, cut a lemon into half, Dip the halves into salt until completely covered and Gently scrub the outside of the bottle circular motion, Rinse and Dry thoroughly.
  • Inside of the bottle can be cleaned by adding 1 Tsp salt and squeezing half a lemon, Add water and rinse thoroughly.
  • SQUEAKY LIDS -Pure copper bottles do have the annoying habit of squeaking at the lid! The best thing you can do to reduce this sound is to rub a small amount of oil into the threading on the bottle cap. We recommend using any cooking oil you have at home (coconut or olive oil work just fine). Simply apply a pinch of oil onto your fingertips and then rub this into the threading on the bottle cap. Repeat this process as and when required.